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ILLUSIONIST Brilliant Crème Highlights

  • Low-ammonia, radiant color that leaves hair silky
  • One-step lift and deposit
  • 8 brilliant highlight selections ranging from intense reds to luminous blondes
  • Contains Scruples’ exclusive Protective Barrier Complex (PBX®)
  • Enriched with açaí berry, acacia flower extract and aloe vera
  • Unique base break formulas provided for creative lightening techniques

8 Illusionist Shades
1 Illusionist Swatch Book
1 NoH2o2
1 Trigger Spray Pump 
1 10 Volume Pure Oxi Cream
1 Demi Pure Oxi Cream
1 Total Integrity Shampoo
1 Quickseal Conditioner
1 Applicator Brush

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