Tressa FKS Functional Keratin Serum

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Bioactive technology contained in FKS helps repair, rescue, renew and protect hair. FKS has the unique ability to actually restructure the hair by imbedding proteins into the hair, providing a permanent conditioning service. This product intelligently repairs the damaged areas of the hair, eliminating frizz and giving shine and health to the hair. To use FKS for a permanent conditioning service, the hair must be in a reduced state. (such as during a chemical service) 

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Benefits of Using FKS

  • Repairs the structure of the hair
  • Makes hair more manageable
  • Makes your hair stronger
  • Reduce the look of split ends
  • Can make hair shiny and soft
  • Helps repair heat damage
  • Gets rid of frizz
  • Gives color treated hair extra shine
  • Balances oil secretion
  • Reduces dandruff


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