Tressa Watercolors Ice Whip

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Ice Whip is no ordinary foam: it looks like a mousse, but doesn't behave like one. The expectation of a mousse is that it holds and stiffens the hair.

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With Watercolors Ice Whip you should expect something intense. This leave-in conditioner makes fine hair feel thicker, coarse hair feel softer, and adds shine and control all while delivering a megadose of icy cool pigments to oust any brass tones that dare to stick around. 

Reduce yellow tones in your blonde or grey hair with the Tressa Watercolors Ice Whip. This is no ordinary foam, it applies like a mousse but doesn't act like one. This mousse acts more like a leave-in conditioner leaving fine hair textures feeling thicker, while coarse hair feels softer. Also boosting hair natural shine and adding light control all while delivering a mega-dose of icy cool pigments.

Pro Tip: Shake can well before each use

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