Tressa Watercolors Intense & Metallic Intro

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  • 1 each of 15 shades 8.5oz.
  • 1 Silver 32oz

WATERCOLORS INTENSE SHAMPOO has been developed with technology to provide the most intense deposit of the direct dye in a shampoo ever! Intense color and amazing condition is achieved by using complex direct dyes delivered by cationic conditioners allowing WC INTENSE to live in the 5.3-5.8 pH range. WC INTENSE eliminates Direct Dye customers’ two main challenges - Fading and Commitment. Prevent Color Fading with weekly use at home. No color commitment, WC INTENSE fades on tone and can be removed. Clients can change color frequently without harming the integrity of their hair. Color deposit can be controlled by the number of applications and time left on the hair.

Features & Benefits:

  • Keeps Direct Dye Color Services on Tone and Intense
  • 5.3-5.8 pH
  • Sulfate, Salts, Peroxide, Paraben, PPD & PTD Free
  • Intermixable with other Intense Shampoos, Watercolors Classic Shampoos, and Base Drops
  • Cationic Conditioners provides amazing condition

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