Fall Hair Trends of 2022. Retro Vibes in the Air.

The Craze for everything 70s, 80s is reaching every possible world and the hair industry is no exception. Here you have a list of trends to watch out for!

1. Butterfly Cut

Volume and layers. Don’t be fooled by this viral haircut trend—it’s a lot more than a ton of long layers. 

2. ’70s Layers

Feathered layers, mega volume and texturized ends. A nod to style icons like Goldie Hawn and Farrah Fawcett with a retro vibe.

3. “It Girl” Hair: Shoulder-Length Cut

A long lob that grazes the shoulders—that’s what our clients are requesting. This wearable, lived-in length looks great paired with airy texture

4. Baby Bob & Bangs

Ultra-cropped bob with fringe. The French mini bob looks chic when worn straight, beveled or texturized


Source: Behind the Chair, BYRDIE.