Style Curls Like a Master with this Tips and Tricks


Although it can be challenging to cut curls, we all know that's only half the battle. It's crucial to send your clients home with defined, bouncy curls to show off the silhouette you worked so hard to create. If you're having trouble giving your curly customers a polished appearance, keep reading to find out how to define curls, what style tools you need, and how to prevent frizz!

1. No Curl Retention Visible? This Could Explain...

To get the optimum curl retention whenever you put a product on curls, you should moisten the hair completely from root to tip. To determine if the hair is sufficiently saturated, use a "squeak test."

Try this on your next client: When you squeeze your client's hair through your hands, you should hear an audible squeak. This will indicate whether the hair is sufficiently wet. Avoid semi-damp or towel-dried hair because we want loads of hydration before applying product.


2. Cocktail Curl

You will always have a few products on hand, such as curl cream, sculpting lotion, and leave-in conditioner.

The go-to curl cocktail consists of mixing two pumps of a sculpting lotion with one pump of your chosen curl cream. Before applying the mixture to the hair, evenly combine the ingredients. Use a heat protection product to smooth split ends, untangle curls, and reduce frizz before blow-drying the hair.

How to Get Curls Free of Frizz!

Before diffusing, have your client tilt their head back and dry their hair to a 75 percent dryness on low heat and low setting. When the hair is diffused before the outside layer is nearly dry, there won't be a lot of frizz. Frizz forms if you instantly spread upward after drying your hair slowly and low. For this step, be sure to direct your hair drier downward!