The Bottleneck Bob Haircut is all the rage this fall

This new trend seems to be here to stay! Celebrities are already trying the new look and everyone is loving it so far. Picture a retro-esque Coca Cola bottle—the shape of the bob starts with a pinched fringe that transitions into blunt layers through the ends. The bottleneck becomes completely customizable depending of your choice soft, sweeping fringe or heavier definition. .

Bob cut users will likely be the first to hop on this trend, so let’s make it a little easier for you. Bob expert Chris Jones (@chrisjones_hair) says the easiest way to transition your bob to a shaggy look (like the bottleneck) is by adding a curtain bang. “A curtain bang is a great way to break up heavy lines around the face,” says Chris. Keeping layers long in the back for movement and texture.


Source. Modern Salon