3 Hair Color Hacks for Professional Stylists

3 Hair Color Hacks for Professional Stylists

Hack 1

If Your Babylights Aren’t Coming Out Blended, Try This:

The key to a natural-looking babylight application is to start by taking a super-thin slice and then weaving that slice even finer. The skinny weave is what truly makes the difference between a regular highlight and a babylight! To give it that natural, grown-from-the-root look, foil as close to the roots as possible.

Hack 2

Don’t Waste Product—Cover Your Drain With Plastic Wrap. Then, Do This:

It’s time we stop wasting treatment and start saving money! Cover your drain with plastic wrap or a shower cap. Then, use your color bottle as a blaster to saturate the hair. Here’s the hack: squeeze all the air out of the bottle and suck up your treatment from the bottom of the bowl. You can use the excess product and not worry about waste.

Hack 3

Use This Zigzag Trick To Blend Layers:
If your client wants to keep their length but add volume, try the zigzag technique. which allows you to create a flattering face-frame without layering the back.

The Zigzag Technique:

Start with a thick, vertical section from face to ear on both sides for the front layers. The vertical line in between the face-frame and the rest of the hair is where he zigzags the part with his comb. The zizag will seamlessly blend layers into the length. Due to the extreme overdirection forward, your client will still have layers when they push their hair back. Genius!


Be sure to try these hacks!


Source: Byrdie, Behind the Chair