Itely ProColorist After Color Shampoo

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Sulfate and paraben free mild shampoo. Designed for post technical service with exclusive Hyalu Colorplex, After Color Shampoo prolongs color intensity and improves brilliance. Hair is soft, shiny and manageable; color remains protected for long-lasting shine. HOW TO USE: distribute evenly on wet hair, massage and rinse with warm water. If necessary, repeat the application. Proceed with Revivor Pro.

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Better ingredients lead to better results:

PROCOLORIST is formulated with highly effective ingredients which protect the scalp and hair from the stress of technical services and enable the stylist to achieve impeccable results.

HYALU COLORPLEX is derived from hyaluronic acid and penetrates deep into the hair shaft. It offers a repairing effect by smoothing the hair cuticles, immediately providing more intense re[1]flective properties to the hair. The anti-aging properties of hyaluronic acid add body and volume to the hair while taming frizz and unruliness.

AC COLORPLEX is an ultra protective active ingredient based on Melanin and Wasabia Japonica. As an antioxidant it neutralizes damage from free radicals and protects color from fading. With its advanced barrier effect, its defends hair from the oxidizing effect of UV rays. Its powerful moisturizing effect leaves hair surprisingly soft.

SILKY A.S. (Silky Advanced System) is an emulsion based on silk protein with amazing rebuilding power. It untangles and eliminates frizz without breaking hair. Silky A.S. offers advanced conditioning and incredible softness, hair becomes easier to control and style.

Because we care for the health of your hair...

SLES FREE: The absence of Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES) makes the shampoo less aggressive for the scalp and hair, respecting its natural beauty.

PARABEN FREE: The use of latest generation preservatives with low impact on the skin reduces the risk of irritation, itchiness and redness making the product safer to use.

DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED: PROCOLORIST products are dermatologically tested.


Scientific research provides latest generation ingredients for the cosmetic industry making it possible to create highly effective products and includes packaging which simplifies the hairstylist’s application process and guarantees maximum safety during use.

1− INGREDIENTS: Exclusive Hyalu Colorplex is a special ingredient derived from Hyaluronic Acid. It’s deep moisturizing restructures and protects the hair shaft for excellent long-lasting results.

2− PACKAGING: When faced with a sensitive or irritated scalp, it is important to proceed very delicately. For this you need not only a soothing product, but also one that can by applied delicately and with precision.

PRECISION AND CONTROL: With its soft    silicon tip, the softips cap chosen for the Scalp Protector guarantees a precise application and the utmost control directly on the skin, without scratching.
ITELY Hairfashion is the first company in the haircare sector to use this technology for haircare products.


Phase after phase the scalp is protected and hydrated; the color is vibrant and long-lasting; hair is luminous, full of body and easy to style.


Our research laboratories have perfected a fabulous formula which guarantees the best color protection and beautifully luminous hair: the perfect solution is PROCOLORIST


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